Planned Giving

It costs over £1,800 per month to keep St Michael’s open as a place of worship which is heated, insured and maintained, as well as fulfilling its mission and ministry.  We are totally dependent on donations from people who see it as the focus of the village, and from fund-raising events.  There are many more people who have previous family connections with our beautiful church through life events, and wish to see it flourish.

Planned giving, a vital part of Christian stewardship, simply means giving a regular donation, however much or little it is.  If you pay income tax the Gift Aid scheme allows us to claim an extra 25p back for every £1 you give.

If you wish to join the planned giving scheme please complete our planned giving form and return it to us.

Donations are welcome by

  • Standing Order to the PCC of North Rode, sort code 40-52-40, Account no. 00020047
  • Boxed envelopes which we can provide

You can also use our Donate page but in this case processing costs are deducted from your donation before we get it.

How Much?

The general synod of the Church of England has challenged church members to give 5% of their income and a similar amount to other charities.

The amount you wish to give both now and in the future is completely within your control. If you wish to vary or stop you a free to do so, but we would be grateful if you could keep our Treasurer informed of any changes.

North Rode Parochial Church Council is hugely grateful for the generosity of those involved in planned giving. St Michael’s depends for its income almost entirely on the giving from our members and supporters. It is also possible to pledge donations from your individual fund raising or you could leave a legacy to the church in your will.

If you have any other questions relating to planned giving please contact the Treasurer.